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Smart rollover car wash machine CF-380


Risense rollover car wash machine 380 with smart screen, as a new generation of the car washing machine with multi-screen interactive function, has more intelligent elements which greatly improves the car washing experience. It can be started by scanning the QR code;  The entire car washing can be unattended and all these can be operated on the phone. The display screen on the right side of the car washing machine has intelligent indicator light and voice prompt. In this way, the customer can adjust the car body to the right position safely and correctly. 


Pre-wash----shampoo spraying---flushing---water washing-----wax spraying---air drying 

Equipment Parameter


Overall dimension


Rail length: 9m space: 3.2m

Installation size


(leave some space at both sides for checking)

Moving range



AC380V50Hz Volume:20.16KVA

Water resource

Pipe diameter: DN25 flow ≥80L/min

Air requirement

0.750.9Mpa flow ≥0.1m3/min

Ground flatness


Available car to wash

Car/jeep/coach within 10 seats

Car washing size


Washing speed

Normal wash: one rollover: 3ˊ20 fine wash: 3 rollover 7ˊ10

Short vertical brushes


Long vertical brushes


Top brush


Water consumption


Power consumption


Shampoo consumption


Wax consumption



ZFC alloy steel hot-dipped galvanized steel frame

Brush material

The 4th-generation foam brush

Control system


Monitoring optoelectronic

Banner from the USA

Proximity Switch

PEPPERL FUCHS from Germany


Siemens from Germany

Solenoid valve


Thermal relay

Schneider from France


Schneider from France

Motor protector

Schneider from France

Intermediate relay

Honeywell from the USA

Elevating brake motor


Brush rotating motor


Equipment Advantages

1. Full automatic PLC computer control system is adopted. 

2. ZCF alloy bending frame structure cut by the laser high-precision cutting machine. The machine can be operated stably and it is very hard and safe.  5 brushes(1 up-down top brush+2 short vertical brushes and 2 long vertical brushes) 

3. The up-down top brush control system is more stable and precise. 

4. With the tiltable large vertical brush technology, through detection and induction, the large vertical brush is tilted into an "eight" shape, which fits the model and improves the cleaning ability.

5. It is equipped with high-solution LED screen to show the whole washing process and on which you can play videos and advertisement. So it has better publicity effect. 

6. The streamlined design and integrated seal plate makes it have a novel and more attractive appearance. 


Equipment Parameter
  1. It detects the width of the vehicle intelligently so it is more accurate which can prevent the vehicle from parking crookedly.

  2. The upgraded silent strong air blower moves according to the car body and dries it so it has a better drying effect and it is environmental friendly and with low noise.

  3. The screen of the door on both sides how the car washing process so that the car owner knows where the machine goes.

  4. Two-button washing has the easy operation

  5. If the machine breaks down, the error code will be displayed on the screen. So it is very easy to identify and eliminate the fault.

  6. It is equipped with intelligent backstage and app. The platform attracts the customer and manage it on the backstage so that the personalized management extending model can be realized.

  7. It is started by scanning QR code and it is totally unattended.

  8. Many different car washing models can be chosen freely to meet different requirement. 

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