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Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010 and is a high and new tech enterprise which sets R &DProduction, sales, service in one scale. We are specialized in manufacturing the high-end intelligent car wash machine. Now we have more than 400 staff and  the workshop area of 26000 square meters. The production scale and the sales volume at home and abroad are ranked in the forefront.


Risense’s mission is to make car wash easier with intelligent technology


Risense car wash machine is both high-end and economical. Risense has been implementing the idea that the quality of our car wash machine should be the same as that of the one produced abroad and the price of the car wash machine should be the same as that of the one produced at home. Our car wash machine is more stable, friendly and durable to use. With the accumulation of all kinds of comprehensive superiority, Risense car wash machine enjoys great popularity among the people for its golden value for money. They have been deeply loved by the customers from home and abroad since the launch of various of products.


Risense car wash machine has enormous advantages such as environmental friendly, water-saving, energy saving, safe to use, economical, time-saving, labor-saving, worry-saving etc. It embodies enormous social benefits.


Through continuous effort, Risense has won many honors continuously and awarded successively as industrial “hidden Champions” “ Shandong Mountain Goats” “Qingdao Demonstration Enterprise of New, Distinctive, specialized and sophisticated” “Shandong Hidden Champion” and “Shandong Enterprise Technology Center” and we also won the second prize in the competition of national innovation entrepreneurship and programme awards of offering Excellent solution for smart city on-the-spot service” etc.


With the continuous accumulation,we obtained the following certificates such as ISO9001 quality system certification, CE quality certifications, ISO 14001 environmental certification, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification, assessment and certification of integration of informationization and industralization management system, credit certification from Credit Rating and Certification Center of Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation and American UL certification.


With substantial and sustained investment, we already obtained  9 invention patents, 6 software copyrights, and at the same time, more than 30 utility model patents. Risense has been the important representative of the cleaning technology.


After 10-year development, Risense has grown into a challenger to the established international cleaning equipment company and leader in the industry at home.

Risense technical research advantage


Ø Risense technical research advantage

Risense has a R&D team with more than 50 people. The R&D direction covers machine design, electronics, electronic control, information intelligence, automation, engineering, appearance design, platform development and other fields. Also we can design any customized car wash machine according to our customer’s request.


Risense has the major technology of the following car wash machine at present. Now the technology of car wash machine has developed to V generations. The first generation of the car wash machine can only be operated by pressing the different button to realize the function of shampoo spraying, water spraying, air dryer and other different function. The car wash machine don’t know what is in front. And this kind of machine has almost been eliminated. The second generation of car wash machine can be operated by only one button. Although the car wash machine know that there is car there,it don’t know the shape of the car. It can only identify part of the car by the contact of opto-electronic sensor and current sensor. It is just like the blind and the elephant. At present, most of the car wash machine adopts this technology. The third-generation car wash machine can identify the car shape and dry the car according to the shape through the technology of photoelectrcity and encoder. But it is not fine. Most of European car wash machine adopts this technology at present. The fourth generation car wash machine can identify the car shape correctly through grating technology after discovering the car. But there also exists blind point. At present, the Japanese MK and Risense adopts this technology.


The fifth-generation of car wash machine is the real intelligent car wash machine which could identify the car shape with 3D without any blind point. Such achievement is made by Risense first and we have launched a new generation of high-intelligent car wash machine. Such technology could identify the car shape to the millimeter and enables the car wash machine to wash any type of abnormal vehicle safely. Intelligent technology making the car wash easier comes true. The unattended car wash machine will be the beautiful landscape which can be seen everywhere in modern civilization.


Ø Risense product advantage

Risense has a wide range of car washing equipment covering six categories with more than 40 models so we could provide different model to the customer with different requirement. It is very convenient for our customers to realize one-stop purchase here.


a. Risense has main following cleaning equipment

Touchless car wash machine, gantry rollover car wash machine, tunnel car wash machine, bus truck wash machine, truck wheel wash machine, motorcar shower testing line cleaning equipment , container car washing machine,   cow washing machine ,  dryer ,  self service car washing machine ,  boat washing machine ,  military vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles washing machine , train washing machine,  Shenbo waterless washing machine


b. Risense has the following disinfecting and washing machine

garbage truck disinfecting and washing machine, ambulance disinfecting and washing machine, pig farm disinfecting and washing machine, pig transporting vehicle disinfecting and washing machine,  drying, disinfecting, sterilizing and deodorization equipment,


c. The accessory products of the car washing machine includes

Car mat cleaner, blower vacuum cleaning, water recycling machine, interior sweeper,  high pressure water gun, high pressure and high temperature cleaning machine, chassis washing machine and car wheel washing machine


Car washing shampoo, wax, wipe free solution, wax coating, disinfecting car washing shampoo, lava shampoo, Tyre/wheel car washing shampoo and other consumables.


Ø The advantage of Risense informationized platform

In order to enable our customer to realize online operation, Risense especially developed enabling informationized platform. The platform connects the intelligent equipment, business flow, operator, products and the terminal closely with the customer through the way of IOE so that the deep integration of people to people, thing to thing and people to thing can be realized. Risense car wash machine has been the one which can bring customer by itself!


Ø The advantage of after-sales service

At present, Risense’s after-sales service team has more than 120 staff in 24 after-sales service center across the country so that 100% response can be achieved at home. And our after-sales service staff can arrive at the customer’s site within 8 working hours.


Risense intelligent after-sales service platform makes the remote diagnosis and maintenance of the equipment come true. The information of equipment maintenance and failure will be transmitted to the service center of the information platform or to the phone of the maintenance personnel. At the same time, the spare parts of the machine can be purchased online which has greatly increased the accuracy,convenience and timeliness of our after-sales service.


Ø The advantage of Risense supply chain

The full automatic car wash machine is a kind of complicated product with a high degree of integration of machinery, electricity and automation. A set of normal car wash is composed of more than 8000 pieces of spare parts. While for the large car wash machine, there are more than 12000 spare parts. The quality of the spare parts is the key to the quality of the car wash machine.


Risense’s supply chain strictly lives up to the Japanese supply chain all the time. We adopts the route of self-research, self-developed and purchasing such as French Schneider and German Siemens electrical components, Trand, Xidi water-proof motor reducer. The whole hot-dipped galvanized steel frame is anti-corrosive so it can be used for a longer time, about 10-15 years. Every screw uses anti-corrosive technology of Dacromet. Our sensor uses Beijiafu brand made in German, Omron made in Japan and Bonner made in the United States. All these ensure the quality of the spare parts and make our supply chain keep the top in the world.


Risense’s corporate philosophy is to build a China brand which leads the progress of the car wash machine industry in the world! Answering the government’s call to be a new, distinctive, specialized and sophisticated enterprises.


Risense’s corporate culture is “Sandu” culture which means that we work with serious, precise attitude and angle.


Corporate Values: Maximizing the interests of our customers is our eternal pursuit!

Market research of car wash
Factory premises is about 25,000 square meters.
Now Risense has management personnel, senior engineer, sales personnel, service personnel more than 200.
more than 10 Patent Technologies
more than 10 technology certificates
Risense workshop
Risense assembling line
Risense assembling line2
Risense laser cutting machine
Risense Product showroom
Risense warehouse

Now Risense has more than 200 workers with our own team of senior engineers and about 30,000 square meters, 6 big workshops. We are the biggest original manufacturer which are specialized in the production of car wash machine in China.


On the basis of 40 years’ experience of Japanese advanced manufacturing, combining the high technologies from Europe and America, Risense is more advanced than peers for 15 years. Now we are able to produce Japanese, Europe and US car washing equipment. Till now, we have developed six series washing machines as follows:

1. Touch free car wash machine

2. Rollover car wash machine with brushes

3. Tunnel car wash machine with brushes

4. Bus/lorry wash machine with brushes

5. Self-service car wash machine

6. Automatic wheel wash systems

Widely used
In China, the car washing machines are widely used at:car beauty shop, professional car washing bay, gas station, 4S shop, Parking station, residential area and so on. While only Risense has annual sales of more than 600 sets. And we are able to produce 800 sets one year.