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The advantages that have to be said of Qingdao Risense car wash machine
Release time:2017-06-09


The advantages that have to be said of Qingdao Risense car wash machine

No.1      Water and electricity and energy saving.

          The technology of Risense car wash machine originate from Japan which is a energy pinch country. So the most important thing they considered to research and develop the car wash machine is energy saving. The water consumption of  Risense  gantry rollover car wash machine only 38L.If you match it with the water recycling system to recycle 80% water, the real water consumption was less than 10L,which was called the King of water saving. All series products of Risense car wash machine was featured with electricity and energy saving. For example,CC-695 tunnel car wash machine. The total power of other brand tunnel car wash machine was 20KW above, while the total power of Risense car wash machine was 11.9KW.When your car washing at about 4hours per day ,you can save $1500 on electric charge. If the working life was 8 years, you can save $12000 on electric charge.

No.2     The low cost and convenient after-service.

        The most customers take more consideration on price not the cost of after-service. While the original design of Risense car wash machine was the maintenance cost of the car wash machine. The high compatibility with other manufacturers  consumption, and the shampoo & wax which can be replaced with home products offer the customers more flexible choices.  For the types of brushes, Risense car wash machine have more advantages.The CF-350 and CC-650 was the type with 5 brushes. The cleaning effect was much better than 7 brushes ,9 brushes, even 13 brushes. The more brushes the car wash machine have ,the more damage to car body paint, and it will add the cost of maintenance. If you change your brush every 2 years in its 8 years working life, then you should change 4 times at least. Compared with the 9 brushes car wash machine, Risense’s customers can save $6000~$9000 only on brush side.


No.3  The low failure rate ,easy to maintenance and long life use.

        MK, the partner of Risense Mechatronics company has 35 years production experience on car wash machine business. The advanced technology and production engineering and original accessories from Japan make sure the manufacturing and production level in the leading position in the world. The application of fault identification code help the non professional users to eliminate simple fault according to identification code. The long life use can up to 15 years which doubled other car washing machine.

        All the advantages as I list make sure the customer to choose Risense ,firmly believe Risense.