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Why there are few car wash have a service of the interior decoration?
Release time:2016-03-17

Why there are few car wash have a service of the interior decoration?

      Last time I was on a business in Shanghai. I saw someone was arguing at the door.The car owner was an woman who was very angry. I also went over to have a look.That is the car owner’s ring was lost after finishing the interior decoration cleaning.Although the car wash operator will prompt to collect valuables before cleaning up, but when this embarrassing scene happened, the car wash owner are totally reluctant, the onlookers can not judge who is right or who is wrong.

This is a small thing. But the similar situations are often occurred in the car wash shop which can offer the interior decoration service. I have to compare the countries in Europe & US.I notice that the most owner in that countries not only use the self service car wash machine to clean the surface of their car but also clean the interior decoration by themselves.

The interior decoration wash different from the surface of the car. Interior room belongs to private room. If you ask someone else to clean up, there will be  many inconveniences.

      The interior decoration was not as dirty as the surface of the car. There are less dust in car interior room, and the frequency of cleaning up is much lower than the car surface. Usually small cleaning can be finished by yourself.

For the top of the car and the base of the seat ,you can clean it one time a year when you replace the filter of the air condition.(The filter of the air condition can be replaced about once a year of 20 thousand kilometers.)

      The car wash in abroad, the self-service car wash machine was also equipped with  car vacuum cleaner and foot mat cleaning machine. If the owner are needed, they could clean the foot mat, cushion and debris by themselves.And the car owner don’t think the rags was clean enough in the car wash. After all, it was not like the car surface ,the rags on cleaning your cushion maybe not clean yet after the last cleaning. So such a small and personal space, you had better clean it by yourself.

      A large number of automatic car wash machine without the manpower to clean the interior decoration was formed abroad. Only a few car wash can offer the service of interior cleaning. This is also the result of gradual development, and  always follow a more convenient and effect track.So someone want to start the car wash business while have a worry about  that the automatic car wash machine which can not clean the interior decoration  will affect the customer’s number will have no doubt any more. The single car washing was in more demand compared to the interior cleaning. While the low frequency demand can be totally put into the car beauty shop that will have no influence on your automatic car wash business.In the more development city of Internet in Guangzhou and Hangzhou, the automatic car wash machine was more popular. If the place you are in was not enough in car wash business, this is your chance.

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