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Our car wash machine installed through on-line instruction is put into use in Lithuania!
Release time:2020-05-07

Due to the impact of the epidemic, our first tunnel car wash machine which is installed through online instruction, online debug and online training was put into use in the automatic car washing station in Lithuania. Let us enjoy the in-returned video by our customer! 

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The difficulty of remote mentoring is imaginable. One spare parts can be put into place after explaining for many times or trying a lot of methods.  Our engineers are always ready to serve our customers day and night. We feel all of our hard work is worthy at the moment the video is played. 

car wash-min.gif

When the brush brushes the car, under the close-up lens, we see the brush is clearly rooted, soft and vigorous and full of enthusiasm and they are fine and gentle.

Too many equipment are installed. It has been such a matter of common practice and such a matter of common occurrence that we didn’t even discover the caring softness and sentiment contained in this cold machinery and modern technology as gentle and comfortable as spring breeze kissing my face. 


From the video, we can see the self service car washing station in Lithuania is the typical all-in-one car washing station with small self service car wash machine, vacuum cleaner, large full automatic car wash machine laid out and with full functions and extremely large occupied area. 

Full automatic car wash machine has very long history in Europe. All-in-one self service car washing station is also our development trend in the future. At present, The unattended car wash machine driven by mobile payment develop faster in our home market, but the service is relatively single while leaving enough space for future integration and development. 

car wash machine gif.gif

No matter at home or abroad, Risense’s aim is to wash every car clean and earnestly implements every instruction and completes every car washing process safely and seriously. 

Risense’s after-sale service department also adheres to service concept of customer first, overcome all the difficulties, put the customer’s needs at the first place, takes solving the practical problems as the action direction, does not push or delay and is enthusiastic and pragmatic.

Wish Lithuanian customers a prosperous car wash business!