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Stay there for whole night to find out the root cause---after-sales service
Release time:2020-05-14


We called back the customer who has applied for repair two days ago. The customer spoke highly of the Risense’s after-sale engineer who went there for repair. Customer’s satisfaction is our pursuit. 

It happened like this: This customer bought and installed our unattended car wash machine. It has run well for more than one year. But recently It was found that it always started over during the middle night even if there is nobody need to wash the car. 

Our after-sales department send someone to customer’s place for troubleshooting. No problem was found after initial test of hardware. PLC access point is replaced and the program is upgraded. But the machine is started over by itself again that night. They thought 380V KW.h is not stable during a certain period of time. To prove it, Risense’s after-sales service man stayed there for whole and finally found the cause. It is because the project of the factory nearby started over at regular time and cause unstable voltage and inputted signal by mistake to PLC. The problem is solved after the voltage stabilizer is installed. 

This is the most normal maintenance for us. Our customer thought Risense’s after-sales service man are serious and responsible and they considered solving problem as the aim and were not afraid of efforts they made or hard work. They are trustworthy. 

Strong after-sales service

With more and more equipment installed, Risense’s after-sales service team expands accordingly. More than twenty offices has been established domestically. The after-sales service time has more than 120 high quality and very skillful working staff.

Risense is the manufacturer who has the most intensively distributed after-sales service center with the largest number of after-sale personnel in the automatic car wash machine industry in China.


We can not promise to sell the equipment to you at the lowest price, but we can promise cost effectiveness. Every penny will not be wasted. They are genuine goods at a fair price. Our long-term, stable and in-time after-sale service will ensure the smoothness of your equipment usage in the future. 

Fine management

Since the order is placed and recorded in the ERP management system to confirm the unique number of the machine. With this number, we can track and specify every components details of the equipment, production line, and the person in charge of specific working process. Installation, debugging and training are all recorded completely. Detailed documents and network data are available for subsequent maintenance and repair and used for assessing customers’ equipment usage situation and giving professional and reasonable advice.

In case of any liability issue occurs in any section, clear prosecution are available to deal with the customer’s equipment issue.  We implement the service pattern of being responsible for the beginning to the end. The equipment production, circulation in the factory managed in the model of one document to the end.


We stay together with our customer 

When the machine breaks down and we go to the customer’s site to fix it, we need to inspect and maintain the whole machine and point out the potential problem and improper use of the machine and give reasonable advice. To maintain the machine instead of repairing is not only for solving customer’s temporary problem, most importantly, maintaining the machine with the customer. Let the customer use the most reliable equipment with least money and trouble. 


The good after-sales service is the beginning of the sale. Sincere service makes us to have a good relationship with our customer. Service is endless. Better service is our pursuit and commitment.