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Intelligent car wash enables you to make money easier
Release time:2020-04-29

It is well known that traditional manual car washing doesn’t make profit or makes little profit. Intelligent car washing is a new way and adopts new technology to remould the industry ecology. And it makes money easier for people.

Let us have a direct look on the following three key aspects: investment, site selection, operational difficulties. 

Very low investment makes the project easy to start

Unattended intelligent car washing equipment is the key investment. With the help of manufacturer’s supportive policy, The extremely low investment could start operation. They support in the following ways:  long-term after-sales service, site selection and layout. The operation can be started immediately after the equipment arrives. The investment is clear and controllable and the profit is direct and considerable. 

Wide site application

Urban trade area, parking lot, living area, petrol station, motorway service station, The area besides the supermarket, park and other areas are suitable to install the unattended car washing machine.

With the gradual starting up and great importance attached to the strength, intelligent car wash will be concluded into our construction plant and the intelligent car wash machine will be introduced to many places.


It is unattended

To operate the machine is easier than to manage people. The program is more controllable than emotion. The standardized and streamlined intelligent car wash is easier to control and steadier that manual washing. 

The unattended mold saves the labor cost which is the component part in total expenses of normal manual car wash. 

It not only can be worked as the independent car washing station but also can be used as the component project of the car hairdressing shop. 

Prominent market prospect advantage

There are 0.26 billion cars in market. There is a high frequent and rigid demand for car wash. The fact is that millions of cars needs to be washed in the market. Smart city is our further city development vision. The basic service is the first project to be standardized and improved. And intelligent car wash has been the basic step for smart city development. To invest at this time is in line with the policy. Besides the market dividends, there is also policy support. 


It is relative to say that to make money is easy or difficult. The premise of make money easy is that you need to have forward-looking insight, clear insight, sensitive perception to the changes around and to recognize the trend change and capture the wind direct of market. If you keep conservative in the regular market, you cant jump out of the cognitive circle and cant keep up with the progress of science and technology and consumption transformation. Even the money you made is difficulty to get.

Seeing is opportunity and getting is fortune.

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