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Cloud software installation of tunnel car wash machine in Lithuania, Amazing technology
Release time:2020-04-13

Due to the outbreak of the novel corona virus, our tunnel car wash machine can be installed by our technician after it arrives at the port in Lithuania. But our customer is eager to use it. Our after-sales installation technology department discussed and decide to use online remote mentoring way to install the machine and start to try the cross-border online software installation for the first time. 

The structure of the tunnel car wash machine is a little complicated compared with other full automatic car wash machine.  It has many kinds of spare parts and it can not be installed in advance but only shipped in bulk. Compared with rollover car wash machine, its installation procedure is more complicated and it has higher requirements for technology and on-site installation. The difficulty in installation can be imaged through online remote mentoring way. 

Checking sites and guide to prepare tools through video

Check the site first before installation. The tunnel car wash machine installation has higher requirements for site construction.The error of the smoothness should be controlled withing 10mm. If site construction effect is good under the remote guidance and the site is accepted successfully, the next step of installation can be carried out.

Make a list of the tools with specific models that will be used during the installation process and ask our customer’s staff who are responsible for installation to make a good preparation. 


Plan and schedule the overall installation process and start remote installation

Untangle and introduce all the spare parts, machine and the whole installation process to the equipment installation personnel from Lithuanian customer before installation. And then split the whole target to let the installation personnel to have an overall concept about the installation process. 

Carry forward step by step, accept one by one and consolidate at every step

Beijing time is 6 hour earlier than the standard time in Lithuania. Time gap is not the biggest problem. The biggest difficulty is communication. The installation personnel speaks Lithuanian but customer’s interpreter speaks English and he is not on site and is not familiar with the machine. So we need confirm for many times and change many expressions when communicating to get all understood. The installation progress is delayed to some extent. 

Video guidance and email reconfirmation 

Our installation engineer Ding Xuewen needs to go through all the confirmed notes and the spare parts that installed online through the joint efforts of our installation engineer, interpreter and the installation personnel in Lithuania in video. He summarize them in the picture with notes and send to the interpreter with the material which is prepared in advanced and needed the next day. After translation, it will be transferred to the installation personnel in Lithuania.   

He compares the parts installed to reconfirm and ensure smooth communication and correct installation. He prepares the spare parts which will be installed tomorrow as planned. 


More than 600 spare parts, more than 1000 pictures and hundreds of video calls and more than a hundred emails

Our engineer Ding has independently completed installation and debugging of overseas equipment and domestic customized equipment for many times. He knows very well about the tunnel car wash machine just like a skilled and magical craftsmanship. Only when he has the skill that knows how to install every parts even with his eye closed can he finish the remote installation guidance. 

Technology is the basis. To patiently direct and confirm repeatedly for almost one month is more important. Besides the official installation diagram, the domestic installation video at the same time, and handy abbreviated diagram reaches about one thousand. This one thousand of short video and diagram matched with explanation and guidance for many times which is about the working principle, function, notes of every part.


Customer’s installation personnel is the technician of the store. They are very patient too. For many installation mistake or some installation not in place, he takes the correction advice carefully until it is correctly installed. It is this serious attitude that we can achieve tacit cooperation.  

Accept one by one to ensure successful installation

Every spare parts shall be examined from different perspective in the video and online accepted by measuring tools. Even the torque force of one screw shall be measured and the data checked. Every functional mechanism shall be tested separately and checked on line. When the car wash machine is finally accepted, all the testing is passed and the machine is successfully installed.

Tow machines installed in less than one month

According to the installation progress in the first few days, it is estimated that it needs at least two month to install these two machines. As the interpreter,installation personnel and we are working deeply together and smooth communication and our installation engineer fully cooperate with the work schedule of our customer. They almost tracks the entire working process and use their rest time to collate work. The installation speed is greatly improved. The online instruction installation work of two sets of tunnel car wash machine was completed within one month. As we know, It takes about half a month to install two sets of tunnel car wash machine for two skilled worker. The speed is very impressive for remote guide installation. 

The customer worried sick because of the outbreak of the epidemic. But now he feels happy. He learns a lot about the machine through remote installation so the machine is more handy to use. The success of this remote installation , on the one hand, shows that  Risenses installation personnel with great skill is good at their work and their skill comes of practice after installing huge number of equipment. On the other hand, Risenses standardized design and production, stringent size of the machine makes the machine installed fit perfectly together and smooth to use. 

We will try our best to overcome all the problems and and put our customer at the center of everything. 

We hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible and the world will be safe as soon as possible!