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How our tunnel car wash machine look after being used for two year
Release time:2020-03-31


Our tunnel car wash machine is installed and put into use at the Successful station of Hunan Heshun Petroleum Co., February, 2020. Until now, the machine has been 

used for more than 2 years.The reason why the equipment is as clean as new is inseparably from the careful check and maintenance inside the station.  

Strictly implement the maintenance terms of the factory maintenance manual and add some according to actual situation.

According to the person in charge of equipment operation, the equipment is checked and cleaned on daily basis before starting up the machine to ensure the  machine to run

without any problem.

Besides the periodic projects like greasing,photo-electricity cleaning,belt checking according to the equipment maintenance manual, the station also add the sanitary no-dead-angle cleaning, equipment scrubbing to improve car owner’s car wash experience.The maintenance manual we provides stresses the maintenance of mechanical properties of the machine and tends to the equipment safety and prolongs the life of spare parts. While maintenance project of Heshun Petroleum Co.,Ltd is related with the actual car washing and customer service situation and is more comprehensive and specific. 


This is not the single case among 40 set of our car wash machine

This car wash machine is especially good and it is an example. No! It is totally wrong. Heshun Petroleum Co.,Ltd.has installed more than 40 sets of Risense car wash machine at its petrol stations. The machine washes a great number of cars every day but every machine is fully and completely maintained  without any exception.

An equipment maintenance wechat group is set up by the headquarter of Heshun Petroleum Co.,Ltd. Every set of the  machine at every station is maintained by a special person. The machine washing less than 300 sets of cars shall be fully maintained every two weeks. And the machine washing more than 300 sets of cars shall be fully maintained every week. It is better to be maintained on rainy day when there is not many car washing. Each time, the items of the maintenance manual should be implemented one by one.And the photos shall be uploaded in the wechat group. If it is not live up to the standards, the machine will be maintained again. 

After a period of time, our machine operator gets used to these obligations. They said they would feel uncomfortable if they didn’t deal with the any dirt or problem after turning off the machine everyday.

To be clean and tidy has become our management culture and work habit. 



The maintenance concept is rooted in people’s heart and the man and machine united to work together. 

Heshun Petroleum Co.,Ltd is one of the largest private-owned petrol stations in China. Heshun regards the talents as the most precious resources and development momentum and advocates the humane management. Company’s  management team is younger and globalized. 

When the person in charge of the machine is interviewed in the station, he said he never considers the machine as a machine but a coworker. The coworker is washing the car all the time, he himself just did some simple assistant work. It is very easy and relaxed. So he should did it properly and carefully. If the car washing machine breaks down,responsibility of car washing will fall on people temporarily.Even though he is tired to die, not so many cars can be used. So this is the cooperation. The car wash machine washes the cars without any complaints. We have no season to provide full support. 


Car owners like to come if we keep it clean and tidy

Every time they maintain the machine, our after-sale service personnel went to endeavour to go to Hshun. They feel very happy after seeing the clean and tidy station, enthusiastic and attentive car guider and spotlessly clean glass on the car washing equipment. They are in excellent mood after seeing the machine is maintained so well.  

Some after-sale service personnel say candidly that they feel very unhappy when they go the station where the machine is not cleaned and maintained without the problem ignored. It is just like that own daughter is ill-treated by their husband’s family. But what they can do is that they have to tell the customer patiently to main the machine in time to ensure safe car washing.  

With pleasant environment, high quality oil and enjoyable service, there is no reason the car owner dont like it. 

Hunan Heshun Petroleum Co.,Ltd’s rigorous and responsible attitude is worth to learn. Serious and well-placed equipment maintenance and laying stress on customer experience is the key for them to be bigger and stronger.


A small loose screw can be screed on at will, but leaving it alone may cause big problems. Our service concept has always been ‘maintenance instead of repair’.So we hope all of our customers could maintain the machine on daily basis according to our maintenance manual to enable our machine to run for a very long time and to be new every year!