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Garbage truck disinfecting and washing machine


Risense provides a complete set of equipment systems and cleaning solutions for the cleaning of transport vehicles for the second phase of Guangzhou Resources Thermal Power Plant and Fushan Circular Economy Industrial Park of the emergency comprehensive treatment project for domestic waste so as to realize all-round disinfection, cleaning, blow-drying, and wiping environmentally friendly travel of garbage trucks.

Equipment Parameter

· Washing size2.8mW)*4.2mH)

· Washing processdisinfectingwashingshampoowaxair dryingdrying brushes

· Washing type: drive-through typerollover type

· Washing brushes2

· Drying brushes2

· Washing speed5min/set

Equipment Advantages

Equipment advantages: 

  • Comprehensive function: disinfecting, high pressure, shampoo spraying, drying, shaking and drying. 

  • Professional and reasonable design of the cleaning line: It disinfect the truck first and then spray the high pressure water on the whole truck and clean the top with swing high pressure water. After drying, the residual water droplets can be shaken off when it goes through the shaking belt. The truck is dried to improve the drying effect. 

  • Reasonable channel design, good overall coordination:  After entering the car washing site, you will the two-lane channel for entering and at the same time the temporary waiting area reserved in front of the car wash device. At the peak time, y ou can wait in the waiting area. The incoming truck is not influenced to enter into the washing line. When driving out of the car wash site, the leaving channel is narrow inside and wide outside so that the truck can leave smoothly and in order. 

  • Clear and reasonable functional division: There is the central control room and inspection station area and water tank area with the water treatment system which is divided by two lines. The rest room and bath room is also available. Fully considering the practicality and service of the function, the fire passage is reserved which is the dedicated line in consideration of the fire safety of the site. 

  • Closed room design. The fixed gantry at the front is used for spraying the potion. The closed room can effectively prevent the potion from flying in the air and is also conducive to the sprayed potional 

  • Closed room design: the front end is a fixed gantry to spray the potion, the closed room can effectively prevent the potioned from flying in the air, and it is also conducive to the sprayed potional fully covering the car body, and reduce the evaporation of the liquid by the flowing air, even in windy days, it can also reduce the uneven spraying and scattering of the potioned water caused by the wind direction.

  • Design of water retaining partition in car washing area; The water retaining partitions are installed in the area such as water shaking area, drying area, blowing area etc. The good effect of water retaining partition can be achieved. 

  • License plate recognition system: It is installed at the entrance and exit of the car wash area. It also identifies the license plate and records the data of the vehicle driving in and out of the car wash area. The system reserves the communication interface with the vehicle cleaning information management system.

  • Vehicle guidance system: It is composed of controller, interface module, LED display, etc. and is used for guiding the route of vehicles in the factory area.

  • Vehicle information management system: In the control room of the car wash workshop, the process flow and measurement parameters can be displayed on the LCD screen of the vehicle cleaning information management system,  also the operation status of the control object,the group parameters, and the operation steps can be displayed. When the parameter exceeds the limit alarm or the control object fails or the status changes, it should be automatically displayed in different colors on the current screen, and there should be an audio prompt.

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