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Risense train wash machine


In order to solve the problems of traditional way of train washing such as large workload, high labor cost, inefficiency, Risense has developed the fully automatic train washing machine. This equipment can wash the train automatically and scrape the water traces and effectively clean up the insect corpses, oil film and other dirt on the surface of the train. At the same time, the waste water is recycled automatically so it can be re-used. It is driven by lithium batteries so it is energy saving and environmental friendly. 


The function of the continuous up-grade

  • Drying function. Change the washing brushes to the drying brushes on this train washing platform so that the train can be dried softly and completely. 

  • Unattended intelligent operation. The system will issue the cleaning task after the cleaning line is set from the garage to washing site. The train wash machine will move to the designated parking space from the garage and completes the cleaning task. 

  • Cleaning information platform. The IOT modules carried on the train washing machine is connected with the cleaning information platform. The platform instructs the train wash machine to arrive at the corresponding cleaning station on time according to the the operation time and parking information. And at the same time, it will make the scientific and reasonable arrangement of the operation information and car washing status to achieve unattended intelligent operation.

Equipment Parameter
  • overall dimension:2.6*1.6*3.2m

  • weight:3.5吨

Equipment Advantages

Equipment advantages: 

Advantage I: Excellent design

  • Driven by electricity, energy saving and environmental friendly. Considering the operation site and running condition, Risense chooses the carrier driven by lithium battery which avoids the pollution caused by fuel vehicles and has the advantages of environmental protection. 

  • Self-balancing system. The platform of the train wash machine is equipped with the telescopic lifting system which can be retracted inside the platform completely when it is not working. It won’t deviate from the center of the gravity. There is a balancing system on the telescopic lifting system. They are balanced with each other and they are fixed on the platform of moveable train washing machine. So its structure is very stable and reliable.

  • It can rotate for 360 degree by itself. The whole machine can make the literal translation and rotate for 360 degree in situ. It is more flexible. 

  • It can rotate for 360 degree by itself. The whole machine can make the literal translation and rotate for 360 degree in situ. It is more flexible. 

  • Compact structure and full function. The clean water tank is installed on the top of the front and rear of the train platform. There is a water recycling tank under the lower middle part of the trolley. The spraying system is installed on the other parts above the trolley. 

Advantage II:  Multi-functional

Shampoo spraying---washing---clean water flushing---soft water cleaning----scraper drying

Advantage III:  Multiple high light 

  • Safely anti-collision system. It is the ultrasonic ranging device equipped with the train wash machine. The sensing area of the deviation of the car wash machine is set to be 5cm. When the train wash machine deviates from this range, the system will cut off the power forcibly to ensure the safety of the high speed train. 

  • Remote control. The operated is freed from the drivers cab and he can monitor the operation of the system in all directions which lays the foundation for unmanned driving in the future. 

  • Heavy-duty smart trolley. It is four-wheel drive, change direction for 360 degree in situ so it is has excellent adaptability to the site(it weighs about 2 tons) 

  • Super long battery life. The battery life of the whole machine is 4 hours which can meet the operation needs of one team at a time. 

  • Detergent pre-washing system. The mature telescopic rod system is adopted which sprays the detergent in advance. The strong decontamination foam removes the dirt effectively. 

  • Strong dissolving foam. Neutral active foam is used to effectively react with the stains on the high-speed rail train and fully loosen the stains.

  • Efficient cleaning brushes. One group of nylon brushes fits the train body. Select the suitable position for the brushes according to the needs of the train body. 

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