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touch free car wash machine HP-231


The single arm touchless car wash machine is the independently researched and developed full automatic intelligent touch free car wash machine integrated with the washing and maintaining together. It has the following functions: chassis washing, car pre-washing, wipe-free shampoo spraying, high pressure water washing, bright wax coating and strong air drying etc. 


1. chassis washing---car pre-washing--- wipe-free shampoo spraying---high pressure water washing---wire drawing rich foam shampoo washing---high pressure water washing---bright wax coating---strong air drying 

2. LCD screen, voice prompt

Equipment Parameter

Overall dimensionmm

7600*3315*3100mm(with chassis wash)

7200*3315*3100mm(without chassis wash)

Assembling range

7600*3500*3300mm(with chassis wash)

7400*3500*3300mm(with chassis wash)

Equipment room



Three phase  380V 50HZ


Total power without dryer:20kw

Maximum 20kw when working

Total power with dryer42kwMaximum: 22kw when working

Water pump pressure


Air pressure


Available car to wash

Car/jeep/coach within 7 seats

Car washing size


Washing time

Normal washing3min/set fine washing: 5min/set

Water consumption


Power consumption


Shampoo consumption


Touch free automobile detergent


bright wax consumption


Equipment Advantages

Advantage I: unique design

  • The appearance is streamlined and beautiful, simple and fashionable and combines practicability and beauty of precision machinery.

  • The overall structure is smooth and the structure of the walking trolley is reasonable. The running of the equipment is with high stability and is safer to use. 

  • The material selected is exquisite, strong and light, simple and durable.

  • CAE computer aided simulation design makes the angle and location of the nozzle reasonably displayed to prevent the offset current from reducing the washing effect and to fully cover the car body in 360 degrees. 

  • With the intelligent car distance estimation and safe anti-collision protection function, the car can be washed with equal pressure, equal distance and uniform speed. 

Advantage II: multiple functions

  • Chassis washing---car body pre-washing --- touch free shampoo spraying---high pressure washing---wire drawing rich shampoo spraying---high pressure washing---bright wax coating---strong air drying

  • LCD screen and voice prompts

Advantage III: good effect

  • The 7-type swing arm is designed in different positions on the top and bottom to reduce the impact force of water flow in the horizontal and vertical directions so as to achieve better cleaning effects. 

  • The steps of automatic mixing and high-pressure atomization of the wipe-free automobile detergent and water forms the micro granular water mist to spray the car surface and have full contact including the dirt in the gaps of the car body. 

  • The crystal coating wax can form a layer of high molecular polymer on the surface of the car paint, which becomes a hard protective film after being fused with soft water. It not only makes the car paint brighter, but also protects the car paint for a longer time. 

  • External strong fixed 4 groups of 4kw turbine multi blade air drying system with high air pressure adopts aerodynamic principle and international technology. They will form wind curtain wall which improves the drying effect. 

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