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double arm touchless car wash machine


This full automatic rollover double arm touchless car wash machine is used for washing and disinfecting the medical vehicle like the ambulance. The machine is reciprocating with the dryer on the top and the high pressure water spraying from the top which can go up and down according to the shape of the car body. At the same time, it has the cleaning and maintaining function such as disinfectant spraying, shampoo spraying, wax coating etc. The demand for general cleaning, washing and disinfecting of the medical vehicle can be met. And the disinfectant can be added to targeted to kill the virus. 


Disinfecting, high pressure water spraying according to the car body, Tyre brush washing, wipe-free shampoo spraying, brightening wax and air drying according to the car body  

Equipment Parameter

Overall dimensionmm


Installation scopemm



Machine room2500*1600*2000mm

Electricity supply

3 phase  380V 50HZ



max at working18.5kw

Water pump pressure


Air pressure


Applicable car


Washing dimension


Washing time

Fine washing 6min/set

Water consumption

About 320-360L/set

Electricity consumption

About 0.77KWh/set

Wax consumption

About 25-60ML/set

Wipe-free shampoo consumption

About 20-60ML/set 

Disinfectant consumption

About 20-50ML/set 

Equipment Advantages

Advanced design 

1. High pressure water +air drying, going up and down according to the car body;  Innovative design: one hot for multiple purpose; The high pressure water spraying and air blowing are built in the same mechanism so going  up and down according to the car body can be realized. 

2.Independent double arm rotating: The rotating arm moves and spraying high pressure water to wash the car head and car rear. It can wash them completely without any dead angel. 

3. The wheel brushes stretch out and draw back automatically. The retractable wheel brush and follow-up water spraying can wash the wheel completely. 

4. Personified washing let the car washing more user-friendly

Various function

Disinfecting, high pressure water spraying according to the car body, wheel wash, wipe-free shampoo spraying, brightening wax coating, drying according to the car body 


1. It has more comprehensive functions such as disinfecting,washing and car caring. It has not only has the function of disinfecting and washing especially for medical vehicle but also has the function of shampoo spraying, wax spraying, coating, maintaining and washing. 

2. Real time process display of car washing: The corresponding indicator screen lights up to show the car washing process which makes the washing processing more intuitive.

3. No-contact operation during the whole process: The driver just need to scan the QR code inside the car and start the car. He didn’t need to get off the car during the whole washing process. The machine will wash and disinfect the car under the unattended circumstances. The cross infection can be avoided. 

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