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Fierce price increase in the future!
Release time:2021-03-25

With the stabilization of the epidemic and the manufacturing industry stepping back on the right track. From the second half of the year 2020, the price of the raw material used in the domestic industrial market rose all around and dramatically. Especially recently, there is a significant increase. The price of metal, crude oil, chemicals ironstone, coal and other raw material is rising respectively. The whole industry forms rising trend. 

The price of the items used in our daily life is rising obviously. For example, the price of the air conditioner is rising in the slack season. The price of the home appliances, washing machine and small appliances etc is rising at varying degrees. 

Almost all the parts such the iron and steel, electrical components,imported parts, wire and cable, water, steam pipelines and glasses used in the production of the car washing machine are in the price increase range. 


Our raw material supplier are sending their price increase notice to us continuously. Even some supplier are not willing to accept our order under this frequent price rising situation because the more orders they take, the more loss they have to bear. 

Because of the epidemic, the price of the imported parts is skyrocketing as the international freight has soared, the custom clearance is very slow in the epidemic affected country and it is very hard to get one container. When the parts finally arrived at the port after combating all the difficulties, the price is rising too for this reason. Now The price increase of the electrical components is becoming obvious and prominent as its stock is running out gradually. 

As the terminal unit---car washing machine supplier, we don’t have many raw material in stock as our order piled up before and after spring festival. So please seize the opportunity for the customer who has the intention to place the order. At present, we haven’t adjust our price. But in the near future, we have to raise our price with the price of our raw material rising. 


The international situation is changing rapidly. Some people say that the price increase is the prediction that the global epidemic turns good, and the economic turns better. Some people say that it is the risk of the inflation. Whatever it will be, it is related with every enterprise. We are all its members. So we need to help each other, maintain the industrial order, not panic and go through hard times together.