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The car is not shiny after being washed. Let’s find out why……
Release time:2021-03-22

Some car owner said that the car doesnt shine after being washed by the car wash machine. 

The key reason is the car wash shampoo. The choice of the car wash shampoo has the direct relation with the washing effect and cost. Today, please allow us to talk about it in details.  


The classification of the car wash shampoo

The shampoo in the market can be classified into Nano car wash shampoo, concentrated car wash shampoo, crystal film car wash shampoo, wipe-free car wash shampoo, TN coating car washing shampoo. 

From the point of concentration

Different concentration: 100 times concentrated types, 200 times concentrated type, 300 times and 500 times concentrated type. The higher the concentration, the use the dosage. So please take the concentration into consideration when looking at the price. 

Risense car wash shampoo is 500 times concentrated car wash liquid.

One barrel of car washing shampoo can wash about 1666 sets of cars according to the shampoo consumption of 12ml/car. So the average cost of washing one car is about 0.2 RMB. But some full automatic car wash shampoo consumption is only 7ml/car. 

Risense fully automatic car wash machine uses fully automatic proportioning so there is no need to match them by hand.

The consumption of the car washing liquid and its effect is calculated after the test of washing different types of cars with different amount of dirt. It can not only ensure the washing effect but also it is good to control cost and avoid waste. 

We select some car wash machine liquid and make a comparison. But because of the privacy, we call 1,2,3 instead.

The cost difference can be ignored if washing one car. But if washing 10 thousand, 100 thousand cars, the small gap will become the big difference which will have a direct impact on the cost and benefit. So it should be paid more attention. 


Classify from the component

The car wash shampoo can be classified into Alkaline car wash shampoo, Acidic car wash shampoo, Neutral car wash shampoo according to the components. 

The car washing effect of the alkaline car wash shampoo is better. But it is used for a long time, the car paint will lose its gloss and it will accelerate the ageing of the window, tyre and rubber parts of the car body. 

Meanwhile, the acidic car wash shampoo also has the corrosivity to car and does no good to the car paint.

Risense car wash shampoo is a compounding composition of special surfactant, lubricant, foaming agent, foam sterilizer, adsorbent. It decomposes the dirt on the car paint by emulsion deoiling ion replacement method. 

The alkaline and acidic car wash shampoo could not meet the direct emission standard set by the city government after washing the car and they are not good to the earth. Risense neutral car wash shampoo has not alkaline and acidic pollution which can meet the emission standard so it is more environmental friendly.

Other types of car wash shampoo 

Wipe free car wash shampoo

It is usually used with the touchless car wash machine shampoo which has more activating factor so that the dirt can be removed without wiping. 


Crystal plating, coating, NT coating

The crystal plating, coating and NT coating car wash shampoo is suitable for fine cleaning business. It is generally used in the fully automatic car wash machine to meet the fine washing demand. In addition, it is also used in the rollover, tunnel car wash machine. 


The car wash shampoo with special effect

Risense launched the safe,environmental friendly disinfecting car wash shampoo during the epidemic period to meet the car washing and disinfecting demand. During the epidemic period, it is widely used all over the world. In the normal times, it is only used in the hospital, disease control center and the places where has the demand for the special washing and disinfecting. 



Car wash wax

It is also called overdraft water. It is spraying on the car surface after the shampoo is flushed. It drives the water away and protect the car paint.


It is formed by high temperature reaction of special surfactant. It makes the water split off the solid surface quickly by reducing the surface tension of the water surface and increase the Hydrophobicity of the water. 

Key point for making the choice 

Transparent, clear

Most of the products in the market is in turbid state. After opening and being exposed to the air, it is easy to separate out oily object. The water driving effect is greatly reduced and it is easy to leave marks. 

Risense water wax is clear water type which is fine and nano wax element. It is will not turn to be turbid after placing in the air for a long time. It fits naturally with the lacquer and it makes the paint shiner. 

Low temperature resistance 

Most of the wax in the market is not good to use in winter. While, the formula of Risense wax is from Japan. The low-temperature active ingredients are added in it. So it has a better water-driving effect even used in winter.

Use ratio

Generally, the normally-used water driving agent can only be used in a ratio of 1:80 while risense wax ratio is 1:300. But they have the same effect. Risense wax has the character of low consumption, low cost and making the paint brighter.


Cost calculation 

The wholesale direct supply price of 20L Risense concentrated wax is RMB450. And the consumption is 12ml-15ml per car. According to the highest standard, one barrel can be used for washing 1333 sets of cars. So the wax consumption cost for per car is RMB 0.33. 

If you want the wax supplied in the market to have the same effect, the cost for washing per car is RMB 0.6 to RMB1.2. 

When washing millions sets of cars, the cost difference is obvious


Several misunderstanding 

Foam wax---car wash type---not suggest 

Some car wash foam claims to contains the wax. But the proportion of the wax ranges from 5-8%. Not to mention such a proportion. The wax will be flushed by the weak water after being sprayed to the car body. And then almost no wax leaves on the car.

If the wax is not used exclusively, the car wash shampoo contains both the foam and wax can not achieve the water-driving and protective effects of the wax.

If the wax is used after that, the wax in some foam wax is an extra. There is no other obvious effect except for increasing cost. 

So, this type is not recommended. 

The rich the foam, the better the effect---  judge it from the car washing way

Some people look at the car wash shampoo to see the amount of shampoo. They think the rich the shampoo, the better the washing effect. Actually, we should not look at it this way. The richness of the shampoo is related with the formula and the pressure of spraying the foam. 

The car wash machine with brushes dont need too much foam. It just need the normal amount


The full automatic car wash machine with the brushes dont need the rich foam. If there is too much foam, it will stick to the brushes. And it will need a lot of water to flush. So it is kind of water wastage. At the same time, with the rotation of the brush, the foam will be sprayed at the same time.

The high foaming shampoo is applicable to touchless car wash machine

The touchless car wash machine has no brushes. So it needs the high foaming shampoo to increase the time that the shampoo staying on the car body and enlarge the coverage.


SGS Safety certification 

Risense car wash shampoo and wax has passed SGS professional attestation. You can use it with assurance as there is no toxic substances in it and its PH is neutral so it is environmental friendly and safe to use.