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Three sets of tunnel car wash machine in one gas station
Release time:2020-12-08

Guiyang Huaxi Fengyuan Gas Station is located opposite the Huaxi Wetland Park. It is very beautiful there. The whole gas station syncretize with the decoration style, environment and nature. The colorful drawing with clear water and green mountain on the wall and well-trimmed green plant and the decorative plants that can be seen anywhere make the gas filling like a trip. 


Enthusiastic young people and diligent car wash machine

The working staff of the gas station is full of life. They were waving their arms to divert traffic and relieve traffic congestion within the gas station full of youthful vigor and enthusiasm. There are three sets of tunnel car wash machine so the cars drives in one by one into the traffic flow of three teams. The working staff kept telling the matters that drivers need to pay attention to.

After the gas filling, you can hardly feel the carelessness of the service that offered as the gift. It is an exquisite car washing experience with star rank servic

The feeling upgrading to sentiment forms the cultural label in the gas station

I dont know whether there is any light in the city lighting up for you but here, there is always a light for you. I think this is not sensational but a tireless light in a sleepless night and a warm waiting and commitment. 

It is a 24-hour gas station providing free-of-charge car washing service from 8 A.M to 9 P.M. 

There is also a recreation area where you can have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea elegantly.  Enjoying a moment of leisure after a busy day here is no less than going to the tea house on purpose. You may relex and feel the comfort in the cracks of stressful life. 

A pot of scented tea full of light fragrance and a smell of spring on your lips and teeth. You may have drunk a lot of good tea. But this cup will relieve the tiredness in your journey. 

You are willing to come with rest assurance which are the best business

You may feel that the elegance, and feeling is not a show but penetrating into the details.

The people here are enthusiastic, positive and not flattery but is internalized as culture, habit and temperament. I also found a small detail: on the rainy day, they ask the motorcyclist to enter into to shelter from the rain. And the working staff offer the hot water to them. 

This is a gas filling station where there a group of young people who are enthusiastic, kind and full of human feeling. All of these are a warm attraction. It is not only a gas filling station but a post station full of care and humanity.

The oil quality is high here. The cars can be filled with positive energy. The people here is full of enthusiasm and kindness. And the car owners can feel the positive energy when they comes. The intelligent and safe car washing machine washes the car quickly and clean. The cars are full of positive energyafter being washed. 

Last night, I had a dream in which I am installing a set of rollover car wash machine in Afghanistan. The car washing machine began to try to wash the car after installation. All of the sudden, gunfire rang out. The car washing machine starts its self-hiding program immediately. It drew its brushes back and sealed its outer parts. The washing platform separate from the middle part. And the car washing machine down to the underground chamber. And the platform closed automatically. And there is no trace of the car washer on the ground. 

I am hiding behind a broken wall and watching the people screaming, crying. I run to there and then it became quiet around. A minute later, the platform opens again automatically. The car wash machine upgrades to the ground and stretches out its brushes after coming back to its place. And begins to wash the car normally. 

I am thinking in my dream that the car wash machine i installed is so great. The program is close to the human thinking. I cannot help sighing with feeling about this! 

I cannot tell whether it is the dream or reality until I wake up next morning. The war in Afghanistan was many years ago. Then I checked on the phone that the war was over in 2014. And this indeed was a dream. 

The intelligent car wash machine today is also making progress towards the trends that they can handle the complicated environment. The improvement of self-assessment, environment adapting ability could make the unattended intelligent car wash machine better adept the self-operating model. 

Risense intelligent unattended rollover car wash machine has been used in many scenes and has became the intelligent car wash machine with full function. 

No starting if the car crookedly stopped

There is a parking rang set on the equipment. If the car is parked too slantingly, the equipment will automatically detect it and the app on the phone will give a prompt. The car wash equipment will not start. The car wash equipment starts only after the car is parked within the parking area. 




The car wash equipment stopped automatically when there is any foreign matter

If there is anyone or anything entering to the car wash machine during the washing process, the car wash equipment will stop immediately after it detects temporary anomaly.

Temporary situation, one button emergency stop

 If you want to stopping washing the car temporarily inside the car, but you can not press the button on the control panel, you just need the press the stop button on the app of the mobile phone to stop the car. The machine will stop immediately after the director transmits to the car wash machine. 



The machine resets after it stops

The car wash equipment will automatically sense whether there is any car inside when it resets if the equipment starts the protection program or the emergency button is pressed after the emergency. If there is , the brushes, dryer, and swing arm will move to the opening directive, and stay far away from the car to avoid any damage to the car. 

Self-antifreeze function

The car wash machine will start the anti-free program in winter. If the temperature outside is lower than the temperature set by the car wash machine, the car wash machine will start its pipe emptying function and throw away the water on the brush. And the car wash machine is on standby mode. It will rotate the brush from time to time to prevent its freezing.

Smart little move 

For some car washing procedure, the long vertical brush draws back after the dryer draws back. So the water on the brush will fall on the car body which is just dried. While for Risense car wash machine, the long vertical brush throws the water away before the dryer drys the car. And then draws back together with the dryer.