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Although they worry lot, they still went abroad determinedly -----Excellent service spirit of Risense!
Release time:2020-11-25


Full of worries when they left home

On the eve of the spring festival holiday this year, I got the notice from the foreign trade department that I need to go to Lagos, Nigeria to install the bus wash machine. We plan to departure on 5th, February. 

After the New Year, home quarantine has begun on a large scale in China to prevent the spread of the epidemic and the company has also suspended work and business. And we all stayed at home. For the sake of safety, our sales manager of the foreign trade department has communicated with the customer to see whether we can postpone our trip. The customer insisted that we should fly there on time as planed while ensuring safety. And they emphasized there was no CORONAVIRUS in their country and it was very safe there. At the same time, the international flight is not canceled so they hope we could fly there for the installation of the machine.

I was very nervous and was very worried about our family in case that they need me…….there is even a complex sentiment of ignoring the scorching motherland and going abroad for safety.

We took off from Beijing Airport with fully protective face masks and clothes. When we transferred at the Dubai, almost nobody wore masks.When we arrived in Nigeria, everything is normal. 


I didnt get used to the slow life peace of local people

We arrived in Nigeria on 6th, February. After settling, We begun directly to set about to installation of the machine the second day. The local temperature is 35 degree centigrade. It is extremely hot and dry. Luckily, I have been here before for many times so that we can get used to it quickly. We gave ourselves to our work during the day while we turn on the mobile phone traffic to browse the internet to check the epidemic situation at home and contact my family to ensure their safety then I can work contentedly. 

Two sets of rollover type bus wash machine and 1 set of water recycling system can be installed in about 20 days in china. As the low work efficiency, slovenliness and all the tools that should be prepared in advance could not in place while we need it. It is very hard to work together. Furthermore, as the short supply of the electricity, it is normal that the water supply and power supply is suddenly cut off without any notice. 


Installation completed, the Nigeria is closed. Difficult to come back

We originally planned to return on 5th, March. But the customer required to add some other functions. So we had to wait for the spare parts to come and canceled the air ticket. The last batch of spare parts arrived on 14th, March. By the time when the machine is ready to use, we couldn’t get the air return ticket as a lot of international flight was canceled. Usually, we spent RMB 4000 to buy the air ticket but we spent about RMB30,000 to buy the air return ticket on 1st April. 

We bought some foods including Chinese noodle, rice from the Chinese Supermarket before it was closed. And these foods was sold out quickly. With the help of the customer, we bought some Chinese foods. Except for the fresh vegetable, other foods can last for more than a month. 


The lockdown is prolonged. I dont know when I can go back to China. 

I answered customers’ questions regarding how to maintain the machine on line when the internet signal is good. One month of lockdown passed away as expected. The one-month closure has finally passed. But the Nigerian government postponed the closure again and we don’t know when it will open this time.

Fallen in the endless waiting, all the problems that we put out with and solved with difficulty became more prominent. The water and electricity was cut off from time to time. It is very hot in the hotel room just like taking a sauna. And the rice is very hard and bony and is very hard to digest after eating. The internet signal is not stable and the price of the commodity rose dramatically. 10,000 Naira( about RMB180) of mobile internet data can last for a month in February, March, April. But It surged to 20,000 Naria(about RMB360 ) in May, June, July. There is no Wifi in the Hotel so have to use the mobile internet data. 

After a few days’ anxiety, I solved the problem remotely for my customer from Malaysia, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia etc. In this way, I can feel the meaning of life. image.png

The Embassy rasied my hope

The Chinese Embassy in Nigeria began to investigate the person has needed to come back to China but it was difficult to do so on 14th, May. And finally they found me. After filling in the form and registering, I waited the Embassy to arrange the return flight. The Embassy arranged the first batch of people to fly back on 28th. While I am not on the list so I was a little disappointed. But I felt that I found the organization, I was not isolated and helpless. With the concern of the motherland, I calmed down and waited with patience. It already assumed production and work at home. The concerns and greetings from my family, co-work and friends made me peaceful, maintained the peace of mind and protected myself.  

Hope fell down after rose high, anxious waiting

At the early June, the Embassy gave a notice that there would be a second flight back to home recently. But there was not any news. I was waiting in the hope and disappointment. At the same time, the epidemic in Nigeria is more and more serious. But there were not effective and protective measurements that were taken. I always wonder if I can come back to my country alive. Anxiety and fear twined me. 

There were no masks available in Nigerian Market. Our company sent some to me. I must wear it when I went to for shopping. The Embassy began to have the investigation for the second time until 12th, August. At the same time, our customer also heard that it is possibly that the Nigeria Air begin its evacuation of Chinese nationals from Nigeria on 20th and they help me to figure out how to buy the air ticket for me. (Now they are not only our customers but also our friends.) 


It is hopeful to be back home

We are requested to have the Nucleic acid test report if we want to go back since 20th, July. And I made an appointment to make the test on 18th, August. The negative result made me relaxed. But the flight ticket on 20th had been sold out. Then I thought the 50400 Naira(about RMB 900) spent on Nucleic acid test didn’t work. I felt depressed. 

I got email from the Embassy on that night. I could go back to China by the plane scheduled on 23rd. I am excited like I winning a lottery of five million Yuan. At the same time, I asked whether the test report on 18th is still within its validity. And they replied I didn’t have to do it again. I was so excited that night that I couldn’t help singing a song. 

Finally on board back to home after thousands of obstacles 

The Embassy asked me to arrive at the airport before 9 Oclock. I am too excited to sleep. Then I got up to pack. The customer arrived at the hotel at 6:30 and we arrived at the airport at 7:30. There were already a lot of Chinese people queued up there. They were wearing the protective masks and clothes while I only bought the protective masks no protective clothes so I was extremely careful. As the delay of the epidemic, the visa expired. Fortunately, they accept tips. After I give them USD300 and reasonable explanation, they let me pass the security check smoothly.


The plane was late for one hour. I were getting on boarding at 10 O’clock. I were relieved at the moment the plane took off just like getting back the familiar homeland.It took more than 8 hours from Lagas to Shaka to fill the gas. And then it took about 8 hours to land In Guangzhou. All the people on the plane were very happy. We all were like the children who has gone through a lot and finally got back to the mother’s embrace. 

My darling homeland, I am back! 

We made the registration, had the Nucleic acid test, waited for the luggage after getting off the plane. And we are taken to the specified hotel by the bus directly. I felt exhausted and relaxed after all were settled. At the same time, I telephoned my family,friends etc. I felt sleepy because of lap jet and then I had a good sleep.

We are informed that the test report of 66 companions are negative three days later. We were all relieved. There is no water and electricity cut off and there is free wifi in our hotel. It is really great in our motherland. The lap jet didnt turn around after 14-day quarantine at assembly sites. And I felt a little depressed after relaxation and I couldnt feel asleep after sleeping for 3 hours. 

The test report comes out on 8th, September. We got a phone call from the Shaidong Jinan Epidemic Prevention center saying that we can only take the plane not the train back to Shangdong. And ask the hotel to write down the license plate number which took us from the hotel to the airport. And we arrived at the Qingdao Airport on 8th night. The special car take us to specified hotel to each district to have the test. If it is negative, we have to have a 14-day quarantine at home.


Look back this way

Recalling such an experience, I still feel scared. The protective measurements in Nigeria is not as good as that in China. Peoples awareness of wearing masks when going out is also wake there.I was once trapped in the loneliness of a foreign country. But fortunately, I have a powerful motherland behind me. She is responsible, warm and tries her best to protect everyone! I am very proud to be born as a Chinese!