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Risense tunnel car wash machine is installed and completed regardless of harsh weather
Release time:2019-04-12

Today’s work plan is the installation ending of tunnel car wash machine, the starting of equipment debugging and operator training. 

But Yantai is a place where the snow is frequent in winter. The frequency of snowing is much higher than anywhere. It begins to snow from 9:00 a.m.

We checked again, cleaned up the on-site tools and materials, did some later improvement and perfection work and coordinated the supply of water,gas and electricity according to installation specifications. Suppose that we can begin to debug the equipment and train the operator how to use it, but the snow doesnt seem to stop.

It was snowing in great flakes at 2:00 P.M. The smog seemed to raise among the boundless world and there is a thick layer of snow on the ground. We had to cancel the debugging and changed to indoor theoretical training. 

The next day, the snow stopped. It is extremely cold when the wind blows. The snow squeaked with a lovely melody when we step on it after is has been freezing for the whole night. We could continue our training as the weather turns fine. And we were all in an active mood as the schedule wouldnt be delayed, . We consider every installed equipment as our own works, strive for no flows, perfect process and sufficient training and pursue excellence form constant summing-up. This is what I ask of myself. 

Most of our equipment should be installed outdoors. The temperature is about more than 10 degrees below zero in the northern part of china in winter. It is really hard to install a tunnel car wash machine with sophisticated structure in the weather like this because they usually need to lie down on the ground to measure and squatted to install the rails etc

Our after-sales installation engineer Mr.Wang was checking the electrical disk before debugging. 

We like doing everything by ourselves in respect of customers commitment and the pursuit of technology. For example, even a smallest screw, we will install by ourselves. Under such working conditions, a lot of customers ask us to hire some more outsourced people, but our after-sale service engineer refused to do so. We will not hire untrained people for installation even to install a small screw as different parts has different request for torque force structurally, so the installation quality can not be ensured. We hire them to clean up the site but not install the equipment.

Some of technicians who are responsible for installation or maintenance are always praised by our customers as they are moved by the meticulous, responsible, skilled and dedicated attitude and enthusiasm of our Risenses after-sales service technicians. 

There is no need praise at all for working in freezing winter and in sultry summer. They said these were these duty. 

They never need to be prized for working in the windy, snowy and muddy weather as they get used to.

There are most installation tasks and most of the equipment needs to be maintained in the coldest time of the year. The huge after-sales team are accredited to more than 20 after-sales service center respectively. None of them ignored customers request deliberately or delayed the schedule of installation because of harsh weather. They are a group of responsible Risenses after-sales people! 

So Risense is the best business partner worthy to choose because it has a group of dedicated loyal staff, pursue technology and quality first and put customers needs at the first place at all time.