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Small step for foreign business and a big step for global plan ----Congratulations on the establishment of service center in Malaysia
Release time:2019-04-11

With the gradual expansion of Risense’s overseas market and sharp increase in the number of installed equipment, the service center abroad is also in preparation as planned. 

Today, Risense’s service center is officially established. So our staff can be sent directly from local service center to the site of a great number of our Malaysian customers for site investigation, equipment installation, debugging, training and after-sales service offering. In this way, the service response time is greatly shortened and we can meet customers’ needs faster and better.

With high-quality equipment and sincere service, our products are marketable anywhere. The reason why Risense has developed rapidly overseas is on the basis that the excellent quality of the equipment itself and honest and punctual after-sales service win the recognition and trust of foreign customers. In order to provide better and more timely after-sale service for our foreign customers, Risense will set up service centers one after another in countries where we have cooperative customers. 

Without first-time response service, the competitiveness in the market is far from being enough. Risense has more than twenty service centers in China and we dispatch long-term after-sales engineer there which makes us to be the car wash equipment manufacturer who has the largest number of service center in the industry, most punctual response and best service. 

While the official establishment of overseas service center is a small step for Risenses foreign business and at the same time a big step for Risenses global plan

Where there is a car, there is a Risenses car washing machine. And where there is a Risenses car washing machine, there is Risenses service.