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Release time:2019-02-15

Company Introduction:


QINGDAO RIDERS MASTER INTERNET OPERATION SERVICE CO.,LTD is the platform specially for the car owners.It also provides management and sales platform for business customers. The car wash machine for RIDERS MASTER are provided by Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co.,Ltd.


The advantage of program

High and new technology


RIDERS MASTER associate with Risense, the foundation are stable and the have a insurance on the quality of the machine. Advanced technology from Japan.

Abandon the manpower Unattended car wash machine solution can save the manpower’s about 10000-15000RMB/month.


Low cost investment

RIDERS MASTER will install your intelligent car wash machine and give the staff operate training which will lower your cost investment and relief your financial pressure.


Divert the customer flow


The machine are equipped with flow which can divert the third party for value added service into the shop.


Fixed customer group


The customers will rely on this kind of service through high efficiency car washing so that we can lock in the customers.


365 days 24hours service


You can realize 365 days 24hours on business so that it can increase you income. Even you are lying, you can earn the money also. 


Car wash without damage


RIDERS MASTER automatic intelligent car wash machine take more consideration on the safety of the car washing. The hardware configuration can realize car washing without any damage, and the advanced foam brushes imported from abroad are smooth on the surface with non stick sand and dust.


High efficiency dryer system


When the car drive into the car wash bay, the sensor will recognize the shape and the size of the car, then will adjust the washing distance according to the parameter received.

After washing, the dryer system will adjust the dryer’s direction and wind-force and wind-speed according to the parameter received from the cleaning brushes.


safety and stable


Summery, the RIDERS MASTER intelligent car wash machine offer the customers more convenient and beneficial service and can make sure the safety and the stabilization.