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Risense new product launched----Tunnel car wash machine with double conveyor belt and it is also unattended!
Release time:2021-12-01


The tunnel car wash machine operated by one person is composed of guiding system+single conveyor belt +chain conveying. During the car washing process, the operator needs to remind the car owner to play neutral, release the handbrake, and not to hit the brakes during the car washing process and other dos and don’ts. 

In this way, the unattended car washing model and be fully realized.

The intelligent rollover car wash machine can be unattended. But the car washing speed of 20 sets of cars per hour can not meet the needs for the place with a lot of traffic. The tunnel car wash machine is with a quicker washing speed but it needs the operator. It is not perfect. 


To solve this problem, Risense technicians in R & D department upgraded the conveying system innovatively on the basis of the former tunnel car wash machine and launched the tunnel car wash machine with the double conveying belt. So we fundamentally solved the problem on the basis of ensuring the former advantage of the tunnel car wash machine and the washing speed of the car washing machine.

What are the advantages of the tunnel car wash machine with double conveying belt? 

I. High security 

Compared with the tunnel car wash machine with one operator, the tunnel car wash machine with double conveying belt has the outstanding advantage of more smooth conveying, fewer operating precautions, safer to use. When the car is on the double conveyor belt, the car owner don’t need to play neutral, can pull handbrakes. And there is no problem if the car owner hit the brake accidentally. So it is easier for the car owner to use. 

II.Sectional independent control 

The double conveyor belt is composed of three sections with a total length of 22m. There is a motor on each section to drive the chain plate on the right and left to move forward. So each section can controlled independently to meet the needs of various car wash modes. 

III. Smooth conveying 

The transmission mode of double conveyor belt is chain transmission. 9 sprockets driven by the motor drives the chain plate to move forward. The sprockets adopts the form of intermediate drive which has balanced driving force and more stable transmission. 

IV. The continuous unattended car washing can be realized

The tunnel car wash machine with one conveyor belt needs the operator to remind the driver to check whether the car is ready before entering into the tunnel while the car owner can drive directly onto the chain plate to wash the car for the tunnel car wash machine with double conveyor belt. 

When the car owner tightens the handbrakes to stop the car and scan the QR code, the first and second section of the conveying belt begin to run. And when the car leaves the first section of the conveyor belt, it allows the car to steps onto the second section of the conveyor belt. When the car head gets to the photoelectricity at the exit, the third section of the conveyor belt begin to start to run. When the car rear leaves the third photoelectricity, the third section of the conveyor belt stops. The car washing is over. Under the continuous car washing mode, the car washing capacity can reach 55 to 60 cars per hour. 

V.Wear-resistant and durable, easy to disassemble 

The chain plate is made from the modular plastic mesh belt which is famous for high strength, durability, corrosion resistance and impact resistance and has the characteristic of no deformation at high temperature and no stiffness at low temperature. It is both safe and durable. So it is especially suitable for the conveying device of the car wash machine.

For the structure, it adopts the modular installation mode so it is more convenient to disassemble and maintain. 

At many gas station and one-stop car service station, the significance of the unattendedness is not only to replace an operator but also to connect the platform and data with one button, which can effectively integrate the data at the car wash machine entrance and drain it to the station management system. It becomes the mass flow inlet of integrated service of the station. 

Risense platform and app is available for your choice, at the same time, Risense also can reserve the port for you to connect to the mature data management system of the patrol station. Unified platform management and management mode of free data export can be realized which makes the car wash machine not only be the tool of value added service but also be a strong drainage port. 


Every technological innovation is condensed with ingenuity. 

Every technological innovation is condensed with ingenuity. 

Risense focuses on quality and value our customer first.