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The anti-freezing maitenance guidance of car wash machine in winter!
Release time:2021-01-23


The maintenance of the equipment in winter, besides the regular maintenance, is also need to pay attention to the anti-freeze and drainage maintenance. Especially the equipment outdoors in the north. Please use the normal winter maintenance method to maintain the equipment for normal use. 

Drainage process

Take the tunnel car wash machine as an example, the winter drainage is divided into two part:  One part is to drain the machine body which can be realized through the one-key emptying function of the equipment. And the second part is to embed the water pipe and pump and other outside water supplying system of the equipment to drain the water for anti-freezing. 

The vertical high pressure pump or secondary pump of equipment needs to be emptied by hand. Drain all the water in the pipe and pump head to prevent the water from freezing and the swelling to avoid the frozen crack of the pump head. 

Turn on the switch of the drainage water pipe at the bottom of the water tank to empty the rest water.

The above is the anti-freezing steps which must be followed during the cold winter after washing the car the whole day. 

Test before starting

Please check whether the water pump is frozen before starting washing the car on the morning of the winter day. If the pump of equipment is frozen, working with the ice is forbidden. The machine works with the pump engine idling which is easily cause the damage of the motor. 

The pipe from the pump to the equipment can be covered for heat reservation. 

Start all functional module of the device and check whether they are normal. Take the tunnel car wash machine as an example, shield the photo-electricity at the entrance and start it, start by pressing model 2 which can fill the emptied water tank and make the equipment on no-load operation to check whether it is normal. 

After checking, if all if normal, turn on the machine and begin to wash the car. 

Risense car wash equipment installed in Russia and the far east is equipped with the heating system. But in most district of china, in consideration of the cost performance of the machine, most of the machines are installed indoors or the emptying maintenance measures are taken in winter to ensure the equipment can be used normally. 

Precautions for car washing in low temperature winter day

Please start the anti-freeze self adjustment model during the operating process. During the interval of the car washing or the process of short stop, please start the anti-freezing module of the equipment. The brush of the equipment could rotate with no-load which could dry the water on it and drain the water in the pipe so that the brush keeps dry and not to freeze. And it could wash the car normally.