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It is really a pity that the gas station is pulled down
Release time:2021-01-20

I visited a regular customer yesterday and we haven’t contacted for a period of time. And he said the gas station is pulled down. Although there is economical compensation, the business is booming. Especially under his own hand, the gas station is growing from a small station which is selling 3 tons of oil per day to 9 tons of oil per day. The sales volume tripled within less a year. The business is better and better. And we have a lot of regular customer. It is really a pity to demolish. 

Now all of us know that the sales volume is rising from 3 ton to 9 ton. And how could it be done? 


Small and medium-sized gas station

The gas station is located at the intersection of the main road and the side road of a third-tier city. So this location is not bad. The gas station is built in 1909 with the stable sales volume of 2-3 tons per day on the basis of all kind of promotional activities, decorations inside and the small supermarket built in. 

Thinking of automatic car wash machine 

Mr.Li loves seeking the business opportunities. He is interested in investing the automatic car wash machine in 1918 and seeking the advice of his friend in the field. Some friends supported him saying that gas filling with the free car washing has raised the sales volume. While some friends disagreed with him. They thought with the huge investment and a lot problems during the running process. It was better to sell the gas so that he could make money with ease. 

However, due to the competitive pressure of the surrounding new stations, he contacted Risense car wash which is recommended to him by his friend. According to the size of the gas station, he chose rollover car wash machine which can wash 20 cars or son per hour. 


Sales jumped 

The car owner filled up here and they can wash the car for free. Other stations around didn’t provide this kind of service. So a great number of customers were drown here. The car turns completely new within 3-5 minutes. The car owners tell each other to fill up gas in his gas station so that the sales volumes surged to and stabled at 9 tons per year. The variable quantity makes Mr.Li highly appreciated his choice at the beginning. 

As the car owners were satisfied with the good washing effect and it is fast and convenient. The number of the new customers are growing and the number of regular customers is stable.

Excellent after-sales service

At the same time, Risense has the after-sales service center all over the country. If any problem about the machine, it will be solved on line within 5 minutes. If it needs the engineer to come here, it is also very convenient. Our machine is used for almost 3 years. It is very easy and friendly to use.


It is a pity that it has to be demolished 

But the good times do not last long. The gas station enters the period of demolition estimation in 2020. and now it was already demolished. The boss is very reluctant to do so. And he felt regrettable that he has not installed car wash machine in the early years. But he got considerable compensation and high estimation because of the high sales volume which is driven by the car wash machine. It is also gratified with regret. 

Plan to build a new station

The is planning to build a new gas station which is bigger than the demolished one. The former rollover car wash machine is sold to one of his friend whose station is a little smaller. He said it is quicker to install a new car wash machine which don’t need the car to wait to wash. I recommend the tunnel car wash machine to him. 

It is a true story 

The story I told today is not made by myself. The boss in the story is the true. But the gas station and location is hidden for confidentiality purposes. I would like to remind you that in the current situation of changeable of policies and forms, competitors emerge in endlessly and they are overtaking at corners.We should seize the favorable opportunities in time. 


Seize opportunities

The business strategy of the gas station to use the feasible measures at present not to postpone it. Things change rapidly. We could wait and see but not long. It is better to start early than late.

The volume change from 3 ton to 9 ton is not a miracle. It is very common during our customers. The point is that we can only get harvest after our action.