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How is the car like in the eyes of the car wash machine?
Release time:2020-12-28

Where does the brushes of the full automatic car wash machine washes? And where doesn’t them wash? As it is not commonly used in our daily life, we don’t even think how the car wash machine perceive and avoid to damaging the car? And at the same washing the car in the good order? 

Photoelectricity works as the eye of the car wash machine. And how is the car wash machine like in its eyes? Is it different from the one that we see? 

Now I would like to introduce the development stage of the vehicles recognition technique briefly: 

Generation I----proximity sensor

The first generation is proximity sensor which adopts the proximity sensor to control the movement of the top brush and it can only roughly perceive the shape of the car. That means the car wash machine can only see the general outline of the car. 

This is the induction mode which is known and felt afterwords. Only when the brushes touches the car body can it begin to sense. If the brushes wore severely, there will be an error in sensing. 

The second generation---current induction

The current induction controls the movement of the brushes depending on the current. If the voltage is not stable, it will not be safe. At present, some small factory still uses this kind of induction mode. 


The third generation---Ultrasonic induction

The third generation adopts ultrasonic induction---a new star. Most of the single arm car wash machine adopts it in earlier times. The advantage of it is with correct induction while the disadvantage of it is that it is influenced by the outside environment easily. When there is the water mist, dust or electromagnetic wave, there will be an induction deviation. 

Generation IV---photoelectric induction 

The IV generation adopts photoelectric induction. The sensing components is installed on the key parts where is needed.

The car wash machine only can has a perception of the car in general, like the mirrors, antennas etc. And it can not avoid them and can only have a perception of the outlines in thick lines. 


Generation V ----CCD grating induction

The CCD scanning technology can be regarded as the independent generation. The grating induction is originated from MK Seiko. Dense photoelectric and the grating induction makes the automatic car wash machine enter into the era of accurate sensing. Our CF-550 rollover car wash machine imported from Japan is equipped with CCD grating induction system. 


The VI generation----comprehensive induction

The VI-generation car body recognition technology is a sympathetic and interoperable induction recognition technology. Its advantage is that a variety of induction way combined and used together and it can use different induction way according to different environment. For example, with the combination of the opto-electronic induction and Ultrasonic induction, the opto-electronic induction can make a complementation to disturbance suffered by the ultrasonic induction in the environment with strong water spray and at same time, make the ultrasonic induction more precise and scan the car body more precisely. 

Combined with the outline scanning which can scan the height and thinness of the car body and more precise point scanning which can even detect the height of your nose even the mole raised on your face and it has the predictive and Prophetic. The mirror and the antenna can be scanned and avoided. 


Intelligent era: comprehensive induction + data processing terminal

With the advent of the intelligent era and the trend the increasingly demand for the unattended car wash machine, it is objectively required that the car washing machine must have a stronger sense, recognition and emergency response capabilities

The induction system of Risense intelligent car wash machine collects data mainly through the comprehensive recognition system and then uses the corresponding data processing algorithm to analyze and form high-precision callable image. And then it manages and transfers the data intelligently. 


Under the two-way blessing of programs and algorithms, the intelligent car washing machine could identify the non-vehicle object and the objects enters abruptly and it can also take emergent measures. For example, if the car stopped crookedly or there is potential running risks, the system can make relative judgement according to the identified data and then transferred to the car wash machine app and the interaction of the data from the app to the human has been completed. 

The each-time interaction and automatic execution every time depends on the more and more precise sensing system and powerful data storage, analysis, and feedback system which makes the seeing, thinking, judging and executing come true. 


The demand for the intelligent car wash machine hastens the improvement and progress of the car wash machine. And the improvement of the car wash machine technology has reversely promoted the level of intelligence continuously.The two-way effect has made the car washing machine a “hot eye”.