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Risense excellent after-sales service
Release time:2020-09-14


Yesterday, Our new staff and the overseas staff in the after-sales service department have an on-site skill training meeting. Minister Peng explained in person, focusing on some dos and don’ts for installation, debugging and maintenance after the equipment is upgraded. 

Risense after-sales training does not engage in formality, does not talk about routines, does not need to launch a campaign but to be on time and in place. Every time when our after-sales personnel who went to customer’s place to install the machine returned back, no matter how many people, they will have a training. Seize every study opportunity and self-improvement opportunity. To thoroughly study the machine and upgrading content, they ask themselves to know the machine and real understanding is professional not fool the customer with unprofessional attitude. 


Risense car wash machine ownership is growing year after year and our maintenance service capacity has been improved continuously. A lot of new staff is joining our 120-worker after-sales service team. We enhance technical capability by continuous studying, training, assessment, apprentice follow master worker to better serve our customer. 

Risense’s after-sales service takes Qingdao headquarters as the center with more than 20 after-sales service center all over the country. They are fully responsible for installation, debugging, personnel training and equipment maintenance to response in the first time and arrive at the site in the fastest time. At the same time, ensure all the after-sales service personnel at his post has excellent practical skills and super ability to solve the problem and difficulty for the customer independently and professionally. 


The equipment should not only be well developed and manufactured but also ensure the customer to use it well with a comprehensive after-sales service all the time. The after-sales service personnel is very professional and sincere and they make sure the customer use the machine free from worry. 


Risense will continue to serve our customer home and abroad with more skilled professional and sincere attitude.