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Excellent after-sales service!
Release time:2020-07-22

Risense’s 10th anniversary activity has been going on for more than 20 days. The order has piled up. The popularity has exceeded our expectations. Even a boss of petrol station has booked the equipment for the petrol station which they plan to build. 

All of our regular customer knows that Risense are selling the equipment for real without quoting false price and we never do the routine promotion acclivities. We believe in quality comes first. A promise is weightier than one thousand bars of gold. The quality of the machine has remained the same all along. With our step-by-step accumulation, we sincerely thank our customer’s trust and support! 


Although there are many orders at present, they are well arranged. Our workers are working overtime to ensure the machine to be produced in orderly manner. 

We have 22 after-sales service center at home and several after-sales service center abroad with 120 working staff. 


At present they are facing big pressure but they arrange the after-sales service in timely manner too. We haven’t got any complaint because of delayed installation, technical problem, delayed delivery. During the promotion activity period, our after-sales service staff works full of enthusiasm. 

Risense has emerged a batch of model worker who dare to take responsibility and make contributions during this period of time! 



Our engineer Mr.Wang who finished the installation, debugging and personnel training by himself. Our customer called us to complement him. They said they never seen such a kind and diligent guy. We all admire and are surprised that how he complete such a seemingly impossible thing. 

The tunnel car wash machine arrived at size without assembling. And the structure is complicated. It is almost impossible for him to finish installing in time. Engineer Mr.Wang completed the installation by himself with skilled technology and hard-working character. But with the tight schedule and heavy task, he completed it successfully under the premise of ensuring safety. 


The best rule is self-discipline and self-consciousness, the consciousness of being responsible to customers and the responsibility of being responsible.

Risense is expanding our after-sale service team to provide the after-sale service at faster speed and to ensure to finish the production and installation with the quality and quantity guaranteed and we never delay the delivery although there are a lot of orders during the 10th promotion activity. 


Risense’s equipment is extremely popular with our customers especially in this hot july as we sell our products by good reputation, quality and strength. 

Just call/whatsapp or email us to book the package gift! Seize the opportunity and don’t not miss it!

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