Five tunnel car machines installed in Jiang Chang Petroleum Gas Station-Qingdao Risense Mechatronics Co., Ltd.
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Five tunnel car machines installed in Jiang Chang Petroleum Gas Station
Release time:2020-06-19


Jiang Chang Petroleum Gas Station has been a partner of Risense for many years. After installing car wash machine, their refueling business is even more prosperous and enviable.


According to the layout and traffic flow, five sets tunnel car wash machines were installed on both sides of this station. Up to 300 cars can be washed per hour, 3000 cars can be washed a day, which has successfully completed the task of retaining old customers and attracting new customers.


Moved and reinstalled tunnel car wash machine, good car washing capacity is as usual. During peak hours, 100-120 cars can be washed per hour. Refueling, washing, and leaving. Fast car washing has become a trend.


Today we will discuss the traffic flow and the number of equipment layouts:


1. The number of cars is lower than the car wash capacity


At C1, the number of vehicles reaches a peak, but is below the maximum car wash capacity.

This layout shows that the car washing capacity has a large margin, which causes waste of resources and is unreasonable.

2. The number of cars is higher than the car wash capacity


The traffic flow is higher than the car wash capacity. Due to the insufficient car wash capacity, the vehicles have to wait in line, and the poor customer experience affects the subsequent car flow.

This layout affects the increase in traffic flow, and it is not very effective to increase the inbound traffic flow, which is also unreasonable.

3. The number of cars is same as the car wash capacity


 A tunnel car washing machine can wash 60 cars per hour. At E1, the traffic flow and car wash capacity intersect and then decline. Queuing to wash cars caused congestion in the station, which in turn restricted traffic.

 Add a tunnel car washing machine to improve the car washing capacity. At E2, it reaches 120 per hour, and the traffic flow increases rapidly, indicating that the previous intersection is indeed a limitation of the car washing capacity.

 At the intersection of E3 again, according to the usual traffic volume, it is considered that the increase in inbound traffic volume after E3 is limited.

The traffic flow after E4 is flat, approaching the maximum car washing capacity, but there is still a small amount of spare space, which is considered reasonable.


Summary of principles:

Analyze the traffic flow for more than half a year, and evaluate the average daily traffic flow.

Count the maximum traffic flow during peak hours.

It should take into account the average daily car washing volume and the peak car washing volume.

Make every effort to keep the car washing capacity equal to the traffic flow, avoid vehicle congestion and waste of resources, pursue the maximization of investment and income.