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Automatic car wash machine has a damage on car body paint ? ---That is the calendar of the past !
Release time:2017-10-20

      Automatic car wash machine has a damage on car body paint? That is the calendar of the past.

Risense Automatic car wash machine which can provide pre-wash +the second generation foam brushes +wax bright curing ,will be much better than the manpower.

Spiral Stripe

      If you wash your car with the Automatic car wash machine, finding no paint damage or spiral stripe on car body surface, but a circle stripe one by one under the sun after a long time, you may have a doubt that if the automatic car wash machine left them.

      First, we should know what spiral stripe is? Accurately speaking, the spiral stripe was called the sun stripe. It means the stripe will be seen as the fine stripe under the sun. It may be caused by the towel cleaning circle one by one (just like we cleaning the table as usual) or the abrasive finishing machine polishing.

      We wash the car in order to keep the car clean and beauty, but  if you don’t operate correctly, it will bring damage to your car body paint. The dirty towel ,and operating the washing gun incorrectly, both of them can lead to the fine stripe to your car.

      How to avoid spiral stripe by manpower ?When you finish cleaning a small area, put the towel into the rinsing to rinse out the small sand, then change another towel with no sand to carry on another area, until you finish the whole car washing. But there are few car washing shop can do as what I said as above.




      The nature of polishing is to improving the gloss of the paint and the mirror effect of car body. When you put the car under the sun after polishing  the disadvantages will appear at once, which  was commonly known as “Drying in the sun”. When you polishing ,the abrasive finishing machine can be moved left and right, the stripe left was called glare stripe. When you stop the abrasive finishing machine in one place ,the stripe left was called the sun stripe. Some 4S shops will recommend the customer to polish their new cars. Because the mirror effect can reach to 70% to a new car, but after polishing can up to 85%,which can improve the mirror effect of the car body paint. The cars stored for a long time can wipe out the oxide layer by polishing which can restore the gloss of car body paint.    

      But after a long period of time, the sun stripe and the glare stripe will come out.

      The automatic car wash machine can really have a damage on car body paint?

      Some car owners take consideration that the brushes move back and forth will have a damage  on car body subjectively.

      Just like someone consider that the soft towel will have no damage on car body.

      Risense fully automatic car wash machine have multiple guarantees. It has pressure detection and identification system which can provide distance measurement and pressure control automatically. On one side it can ensure the car washing effect, on the other side  the pressure and the dynamics swing of brushes can be controlled very well.

      It will be the linear scratch not the unconspicuous circle stripe if car washing can really hurt the car body paint.

The imported form brushes

      Risense fully automatic car wash machine adopt the forth generation PVA form brushes which has the advantage of tail fork, smooth surface, non sticky sediment, small noise, soft washing and no damage on car body.

Pre-washing system

Risense fully automatic car wash machine has the pre-washing system. The swing nozzles  start washing to rinse out the sediment before brushes work.            And this is the differences between manpower which start washing with sediment directly.

Shape drying system

      The moisture left on car body will burn the car body by forming the convex mirror under the sun. Risense car wash machine are all equipped with automatic shape drying system. After washing , the top shape drying system and the fixed side drying system will adjust the direction, the wind-force, the wind-speed upon the brush pressure detected.

Waxing system

      Risense fully automatic car wash machine will spray water wax after washing. The wax can drive out the water, improving the gloss for 3~5 days. Maintainance not damage on car body is what we are aiming for.

     Additional, it is a general knowledge that the Japanese cars’ paint is the most soft  while the car wash machine earliest start in Japan. The facts prove that the mature technology, professional design can absolutely have no damage on car body.

      Risense car wash machine not only offer the convenient and affordable service but also the safety ,stable, intelligent car washing!