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Risense Safety auti-virus car wash shampoo officially on sale, but limit purchase at present!
Release time:2020-03-12

Amidst many concerns and expectations, Risense has developed the Magic Auto Sterilizer. It went into mass production and went into use, so the problem of how to prevent the washing machine 

from infection and how to effectively wash and sterilize the car was solved.


Now let's take a look at this magic car cleaner. Not only can it protect people and cars, it is also harmless to humans and cars and pollution-free.

Risense sterile car cleaner was developed by introducing advanced exterior cleaning concepts and the experience of manufacturing our own car wash products. Under the premise of

washing and sterilizing, it can be applied to any material such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, and rubber as the surface of the car is easy to rinse with little residue after washing.

The imported constituent for sterilization and disinfection is medical-grade.It does not contain any strong oxidants such as hypochlorous acid and chlorite that is used in regular car cleaners.

It does not contain antiseptic and harmful ingredients like aldehydes either. (Such active ingredients will not cause irreversible damage to most parts of the vehicle such as corrosion of 

metal parts or plastic parts that turn white after severe oxidation)

The car sterilizer is considered safe to use because it does not harm people and cars alike. Moreover, it allows the treatment of water with biological analysis after washing and use, which allows sterilization of the car 

so that it is free from pollution. The new car sterilizer has a wide spectrum and is very strong in cleaning. Auto sterilization.

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